Women's car insurance

Diamond has always been passionate about providing cheaper car insurance quotes for women. Back in 2004 we spearheaded the campaign against gender equalization, as the EU wanted to remove the use of gender when calculating car insurance costs.

Diamond campaigned solidly for months, providing a House of Lords enquiry evidence to support our claims that women were safer drivers and should pay less for their car insurance policies. We even actively encouraged our female customers to contact Patricia Hewitt MP, then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Minister for Women. We wanted to convince MPs that amending the Directive to allow gender to remain a factor when calculating insurance premiums would ensure women continue to pay a fair price.

Our extensive research shows that women have a different driving pattern to men. In motor insurance terms, women, and particularly young women, are better drivers than men because they have fewer expensive accidents.

We have shaped our car insurance policy to be more female-friendly, which includes free handbag and contents cover up to �300 when you take out a comprehensive policy with us. Plus you�ll get our Diamond Newsletters, which give our customers exclusive offers, advice and recommendations. Maybe you'd like to add your partner to your policy? No problem.

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