Beware - your car insurance premium could go up!

On 21st December 2012, a change to the Insurance & Pensions Directive was implemented. This means that insurance companies can no longer calculate insurance premiums based on gender. This change is likely to have an impact on how much young females pay.

Young women are better drivers than young men

Our extensive research shows that women have a different driving pattern to men. In motor insurance terms, women, and particularly young women, are better drivers than men because they have fewer expensive accidents. This was previously reflected in how much a female�s car insurance premium was compared with their male counters parts.

Who does the change affect?

New customers joining Diamond after the 21st December 2012 may see some increase to car insurance prices. However, customers who would have purchased a policy before the 21st December 2012 with Diamond won't experience this change until their renewal. Even though the change to the law will have an effect on women's car insurance prices, this will not affect our commitment to providing a product that's shaped for girls!

Diamond Car Insurance... shaped for girls

Our Comprehensive policies include a range of quality benefits and services shaped just for you. Some of these great benefits include:

  • Handbag and Contents cover up to £300
    What's in your handbag? Probably things which are expensive and almost impossible to replace... so what would you do if your handbag got lost or stolen? Our Diamond policy comes with handbag and contents cover up to £300 to help cover the cost of those important items
  • Courtesy Car cover
    Unlike some insurers, Diamond's Car Insurance policy automatically includes a courtesy car whilst yours is repaired at one of our approved garages
  • 24-hr roadside assistance
    If you have an accident, you can rest assure that we�re only a phone call away 24 hours a day!
  • Flexible payment options available
    If you can�t afford to pay for your insurance all in one go, don't worry, just speak to one of our friendly Diamond advisors and they can tell you about the payment options which could be available to you
  • Fantastic offers and competitions
    Plus, once you're a customer you'll get access to exclusive Diamond newsletters with useful info, offers and competitions

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