Cheaper car insurance

We are constantly reviewing pricing and try to keep our company the most efficient it can be. Other ways of reducing the price of your car insurance quote are:

  1. Selecting your car - cars with smaller engines or no modifications tend to be cheaper to insure than gas-guzzlers or hot hatches. Plus they're cheaper to run!
  2. Named drivers - it goes without saying really but if you have a driver on your policy that is young or has a bad claim/conviction history then it usually increases the cost of your insurance
  3. Use of car - using your car less means you're less at risk of having an accident than if you were clocking up some serious mileage. Why not leave it at home and use public transport to get to work instead? You could save money on your car insurance with the lower mileage, as well as for not using your car for the daily commute. Plus you'll be doing your bit for helping to save the environment too!
  4. Voluntary excess - you can vary the amount of voluntary excess set on your policy with most car insurance providers. The greater the amount, the lower your premium. Voluntary excess is extra money you agree to pay on top of the compulsory excess that is payable if you make a claim. See Understanding the jargon for more information on excesses and what they mean
  5. Storing your car - keeping your car off the road overnight, either in a secure garage/car park or driveway, could also help reduce your premium. The car is seen as at less risk of theft

Ultimately your premium is calculated on risk so the less risk you are to the insurance provider then, usually, this will be reflected in your car insurance quote.

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