Multi-Car Insurance

If you have two or more cars in your household or belonging to your immediate family, you could be paying more for insurance than you should be. A multi car policy could be the best option for you.

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What is a multi car policy?

MultiCar - as easy as

Start your policy now with one car and get your first MultiCar discount

Other cars join the policy later, when due for renewal, for more MultiCar discounts.

The more cars you add the more MultiCar discounts you get

With Diamond, multi car insurance is a way of insuring all the cars belonging to you and your immediate family on one policy and earning a Diamond MultiCar discount on each car.

Although individual polices could be cheaper, with Diamond, each car has its own discount on the policy.

Whether you're a couple with a car each, a family living under one roof, or parents with a son or daughter living away from home with their own car - you can all join Diamond MultiCar.

It doesn't matter if all the cars have different renewal dates or currently insure with other insurers, each car joins the MultiCar policy at its existing renewal date.

The great thing about our MultiCar policy is at the end of the policy term you'll have one renewal date for all the cars. This takes the hassle out of having several renewal dates during the year.

Who can have multi car insurance?

Pretty much anyone can qualify for a policy; in fact even if you only have one car at home you could find it's still right for you. That's because as long as the car is owned by an immediate family member, you still qualify for Diamond MultiCar.

This means it could be the perfect way for parents who have sons or daughters away at university to help them save on their car insurance premiums.

It may also be the ideal way for a couple who live together and have a car each, to help reduce their monthly outgoings.

The benefits of multi car

By putting all your cars under one policy you can get a discount off all the cars, not just the additional ones, so you could save even more.

And it's not just about the discounts; Diamond's comprehensive MultiCar Insurance is full of great features:

  • £5,000 Personal Injury cover
    You get £5,000 of cover for personal injury for you and your spouse
  • Courtesy Car
    Use of a courtesy car while your car is under repair at one of Diamond's approved garages
  • Stereo Cover for each car up to £1,250
    Up to £1,250 or 15% of the value of your car, whichever is lowest
  • European Cover
    You get up to 90 days cover in Europe which means you won't need to arrange separate cover before a road trip abroad
  • Windscreen repair
    The policyholder is eligible for the repair and replacement of the windscreen (excess applies)
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