What your insurer needs to know

Customers have to inform their insurance provider when certain things change that could affect their car insurance cover. If you don't then they/you may not be covered under the terms of the policy and, in some cases, your motor insurance cover will not be valid.

Take a look at the list below so you know when to contact them...


  • If you intend to modify your car, even if the alteration is only cosmetic
  • If you intend to change to a different car
  • If you intend to change what you use your car for (e.g. if you start using it for business travel when you were not covered for this on your policy)
  • If you would like to add another driver to your policy
  • You are planning to take your car abroad


  • If you or any driver named on your policy are involved in an accident or loss, no matter how trivial and even if you do not wish to make a claim
  • If you change your home address
  • If you change your email address
  • If you or any driver named on your policy change occupation
  • If you or any driver named on your policy cease to become a permanent UK resident
  • If you or any driver named on your policy have been disqualified from driving or have had your licence revoked

Upon renewal

  • Of any motoring convictions or fixed penalties you or any driver on your policy had during the year
  • Or any pending prosecutions of any other material factors which may influence your insurance provider's decision to insure you
  • Of any accident, theft or loss regardless of fault that you or any driver on your policy have made, excluding those claims made under this policy

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