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Top Ten Green Cars


Fuel economy is a hot topic and car manufacturers are responding by making cars use smarter technology to drive up their green credentials. An added benefit of fuel efficiency is lower CO2 emissions, which attract either a zero or lower cost road tax. For those who don't want to go down the electric or hybrid route they are a very competitive and sometimes better alternative.

Electric cars

Previously associated with milk floats or golf buggies the fully electric cars on the market have certainly upped the ante. But while the new breed could certainly be game changers if you're considering buying one there are several things you need to look out for. They include: range: this is the distance the car will drive on one battery charge. Battery re-charge time and, if you are really environmentally conscious, the CO2 emissions involved in the charging the battery.

Hybrid cars

While conventional cars are driven with a petrol or diesel combustion engine - a hybrid adds an electric motor as an extra drive source. The electric motor will then either support or substitute the combustion engine.

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