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Diamond Extras

Nissan Leaf

Cost: £25,990 (inc £5,000 Government incentive)
Range: 100 miles (manufacturer’s statistics)
Battery re-charge: 8 hours with domestic supply, to 80% in 15 minutes at dedicated charging point.
Road Tax-Exempt: Yes

Voted as World Car of the Year 2011 the Nissan Leaf is a fully electric five seat, automatic front wheel drive car.

Similar in size to a Ford Focus the Leaf is powered by 48 lithium-ion batteries driving a 107bhp electric motor. Top speed is 90mph and acceleration, from 37 to 62 mph takes 7.1 seconds.

The Leaf has some clever features such as a pre-heating system, which warms the car as it charges - perfect for those cold mornings. And the innovative Satnav will direct you to charging points and then text your mobile when the batteries are topped up.

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