SERVICE UPDATE [08/04/2020]

Thank you for your support and patience while we enable our staff to work from home, due to Coronavirus safety measures. 

We are open for business and here for you. Our call waiting times are currently much longer than usual (approximately 30 mins) so you may prefer to call us only if urgent, for example, if you’ve been involved in an incident and your car’s undriveable.

Diamond Extras

Smart: Smart for Two ED

Cost: £27,895 (inc £5,000 Government incentive)
CO2 emissions: 49g/km
Fuel efficiency: 134.5 mpg
Road Tax-exempt: Yes

Toyota's innovative Prius has been on the market for a while – even making an appearance on the red carpet. The car runs from both a petrol engine and electric motor. The latest model includes the ability to plug the car into a domestic electricity supply and charge it up in just an hour and a half.

The Prius is one the greenest and cleanest cars on the market with manufacturers claiming 134.5 mpg and CO2 emissions of just 49g/km. Results like this make the running costs very low cementing its position as one of the market leaders.

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