Diamond Extras

Renault Fluence

Cost: £17,495 (inc £5,000 Government incentive)
Range: 100 miles (manufacturer’s statistics)
Battery re-charge: 8 hours with domestic supply
Road Tax-Exempt: Yes

The Fluence is the first fully electric family saloon from Renault and it comes with a significantly lower initial price tag than its equivalent competitors like the Nissan Leaf.

Renault, however, is taking a different approach to the batteries. Batteries are expensive and with their performance and lifespan still an unknown. So rather than include them in the price of the car Renault will lease them to you for £76 a month.

The car itself is spacious, comfortable and has good acceleration doing 37-62 in 8.5 seconds. With a full recharge costing around £2.80 on your domestic supply and if your battery needs charging while you are out the satnav will direct you to a charging station.

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