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Types of car insurance

Third Party Car Insurance

This is the most basic car insurance cover you can take out which is the minimum cover required by UK law. This insurance will cover third parties involved in an accident but will not cover any damage to your own car.

  • Third party injuries (unlimited)
  • Third party death (unlimited)
  • Third party property damage (up to £20 million)
  • Emergency hospital treatment
  • Fees to the doctor/hospital who first treats the injury
  • Any treatment as an in or out patient
  • Passenger negligence
  • Manslaughter defence
  • Cover for use on private roads

Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance

As above but your vehicle will also be covered for damage caused by fire, theft, lightening or explosion but excludes damage caused by faulty wiring or electrical faults.

  • Theft of vehicle and damage caused whilst stolen
  • Damage caused by attempted theft
  • Loss or damage to car phone, CD player, radio or any other audio/visual equipment (as long as permanently fitted) to the value of £1,250 or 15% of the cars value, whichever is lower

Comprehensive Car Insurance

As Third Party, Fire and Theft plus cover for any accidents that your car is involved in.

  • Courtesy Car whilst under repair at one of our approved garages
  • Medical Expenses for the policy holder and any passenger (£100 per person)
  • £5,000 Personal Injury cover
  • Personal Effects cover (£100 - certain exclusions apply)
  • Accidental Damage to your car regardless of who's fault the accident is (subject to an excess)
  • Windscreen cover (excesses apply)
  • Handbag and contents cover up to £300
  • Child Car Seat cover up to £300

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