Conviction codes

We thought it would be useful to have a list of all the driving conviction codes for your reference. If you have had any driving convictions in the last 5 years then you must let your insurance provider know when requesting a quote or at your car insurance renewal.

Code Description
AC10 Failing to Stop after accident
Failing to give particulars
AC30 Undefined Accident Offence
BA20 Driving under age/disqualified
BA30 Attempt to drive/disqualified
CD10 Driving without due care
CD20 Driving without consideration
CD30 Driving without care/consideration
CD40 Death by careless driving/drink
CD50 Death by careless driving/drugs
CD60 Death by careless driving/drink
CD70 Causing death by careless driving then failing to supply a specimen for analysis
CU10 Using vehicle with defective brake
CU20 Causing danger by unsafe vehicle
CU30 Using vehicle with defective tyres
CU40 Using a car with bad steering
CU50 Causing danger - load/passengers
CU60 Undefined failure to comply
DD40 Driving/dangerous manner/speed
DD50 Death by reckless driving
DD60 Manslaughter/homicide driving
DD70 Causing death by reckless driving
DD80 Death by dangerous driving
DR10 Drinking & Driving
DR20 Driving while unfit/drunk
DR30 Refusing a specimen
DR40 Alcohol level above limit
DR50 In charge while unfit/drunk
DR60 Refusing to supply/in charge
DR70 Failing to supply breath test
IN10 No Insurance
LC10 Driving without a licence
LC20 Driving not in accordance/licence
LC30 Driver false declaration/fitness
LC40 Driver not notifying disability
LC50 Driving licence revoked/medical
MS10 Vehicle in dangerous position
MS20 Unlawful Pillion Riding
MS30 Playstreet Offences
MS40 Driving with uncorrected defective eyesight or refusing to submit to a test (No longer valid)
MS50 Motor racing on highway
MS60 Offence not covered by codes
MS70 Driving with uncorrected sight
MS80 Refusing to have eyesight test
MS90 Failing to give identity/driver
MW10 Contravention of road regs
PC10 Pedestrian crossing
PC20 Ped crossing - Moving vehicle
PC30 Ped crossing- stationary vehicle
SP10 Exceeding Goods Speed Limit
SP20 Exceeding speed limit for vehicle
SP30 Speeding on public road
SP40 Passenger vehicle speeding
SP50 Speeding on motorway
TS10 Failing to comply with lights
TS20 Failing to comply with double white lines
TS30 Failing to stop at sign
TS40 Disobeying direction of traffic warden
TS50 Failing to comply with sign
TS60 Not complying - school crossing
TS70 Undefined non-compliance-signs
TT99 Disqualification totting up
UT50 Aggravated taking of vehicle

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