While you're pregnant

By law, all pregnant women must wear a seat belt, whether travelling in the front or rear of a car. In rare circumstances a doctor may deem you medically exempt. If this happens they´┐Żll give you a 'Certificate of Exemption from Compulsory Seat Belt Wearing,' which must be kept in your vehicle, shown to the police if asked and you must inform your car insurer of it. The Department for Transport have created a leaflet on this subject, just click here.

Here are some instructions on the correct way for a pregnant woman to wear a seat belt...

  • Place the diagonal strap between the breasts, resting the strap over the shoulder
  • The lap strap should go across the hips, fitting comfortably beneath the bump
  • It's safer for pregnant women and the unborn child to wear a lap and diagonal seat belt, rather that a lap only belt
  • In cars fitted with air bags, the front seat should be pushed back as far as possible

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