An uncomfortable fact

Ensuring your child is safely strapped into their car seat is a concern all parents share; whether you�re a stressed out mum trying to secure your child�s seat in a supermarket car park, or a young royal fitting a car seat under the scrutiny of the world�s media. The age old battle between first-time-parent and inflexible, unmanageable car seat rages on no matter what your social standing.

Every parent out there is trying to do the best by their little ones when it comes to finding the right car seat and with a reported 2,080 children (aged 0-15) killed or seriously injured in road accidents last year*, it�s clear that getting this right is very important.

However, with mountains of information about car seats and the introduction of the EU i-Size regulation now in force, doing your research can leave you feeling more confused than confident. So we�ve done all the hard work for you, this guide is packed full of advice and information to ensure your child is properly protected for every journey.

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* https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/255125/road-accidents-and-safety-quarterly-estimates-q2-2013.pdf