Changing a wheel

Try and park your car on a firm and level surface with your handbrake on. If you're facing uphill, put your car in first gear. If you're facing downhill, put your car in reverse.

If you're stuck on the side of a road and you've got an advance warning triangle then place it 30 to 50 metres behind your car. If you haven't got a warning triangle then you should definitely get yourself one.

  1. Prop up the spare wheel near the one that you're going to be changing
  2. Use your wheel brace and loosen the wheel nuts
  3. Ensure all the car doors and the boot are firmly closed
  4. Fit the jack into the relevant jacking point (refer to your owner's manual) and jack up your car until the wheel is off the ground. If you're on soft ground, put a plank of wood under the jack to stop it sinking
  5. Remove the wheel nuts and take off the wheel. WARNING - never get under your car when it's on a jack. If you do need to go under the car, secure the jack with axle stands
  6. Put your spare wheel over the hub and carefully line up the holes for the wheel bolts
  7. Insert one wheel bolt and turn until it's tight
  8. Insert remaining bolts and use the wheel brace to tighten up
  9. Lower the car and remove the jack
  10. Use the wheel brace to firmly tighten each bolt - remember to get the tightness of the wheel nuts checked by a garage as soon as possible

Diamond Tip:

If your car has a space saver spare which is for emergency use only (narrow and should have a marked speed limit), drive very carefully and replace it as quickly as possible.

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