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9 reasons to look forward to winter

We love winter - we really, really do! Yes, summer may be fun, days on the beach are wonderful and the prospect of jetting off on summer holidays fantastic, but it really is hard to beat winter.

Struggling to understand our enthusiasm? Here are 9 reasons to remind you why winter is something to get excited about:

1. Christmas party season

Christmas party season

There may be a month to go until Christmas party season officially starts but don't let that stop you. Lots of offices have their Christmas parties early to avoid the festive rush. If your office is one of them that's great news; you'll get to enjoy a good night out without having to battle through the hoards that will be filling bars and restaurants in a matter of weeks.

2. A new coat

A new coat


Whether you go for a full-on fluffy number, as seen all over the high street lately, a smart pea coat or a fur-trimmed parka, nothing finishes your winter look better than a good looking coat. Make sure to invest well; cheap coats don't last, get something to see you through the next couple of winters. Make sure to enter our competition to win yourself Arcadia vouchers to spend on a lovely winter warmer.

3. New accessories

New accessories

Once you've got the coat sorted you need to accessorise with hats, scarves and gloves. Is it just us or does getting dressed to leave the house in winter leave you feeling like an extra in Downton? There's something so wonderfully old fashioned about wearing gloves and scarves; winter is far classier than summer when it comes to fashion.

4. It might SNOW



Now this is an important one. In the might SNOW! During the winter months, checking the weather forecast is even more exciting than in summer. They say: �There's a cold front moving in.� You hear: �It's definitely going to snow and you won't be able to leave the house.� Snow days don't get any less exciting with age, a snowball fight with the neighbours followed by a steaming mug of cocoa = perfection.

5. Winter lunches

Winter lunches

In the summer, salad might well be order of the day, not in the winter though (thank goodness) when it's all about the stodge. Winter lunches are all about stews and jacket potatoes and nobody judges you for eating carbs, in fact it's encouraged. Eating a takeaway in your onesie while watching The X Factor is what winter nights were made for. If you're keen to keep a count of the calories but still want some tasty warmers, check out our handy guide.

6. Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate


6. If the food's good in winter, well, the drinks are better. Hot chocolate is essentially a hug for your insides. If you're making it at home be sure to do it right - it's always better with hot milk than boiled water and with plenty of marshmallows and cream on top. As ever, good old Jamie Oliver has a recipe of his own for some epic hot chocolate. Give that a go.

7. An early night

early night

OK, so we know we're supposed to be vibrant, young women and all that, but sometimes we really do love an early night. In the summertime, with light evenings and impromptu BBQs, an early night is almost impossible to come by. In the winter though, when all anyone really wants to do is get inside and out of the cold, being in your jim-jams before Eastenders is totally fine.

8. Big budget movies on DVD

movies on DVD

Although all the big blockbusters come out in the summer, who actually wants to spend a rare day off in a dark, air-conditioned cinema? Unfortunately that means all those big budget movies go unwatched. Not so unfortunate come winter when they all start being released on DVD and you can catch-up. And there are just as many big screen offerings being released at this time of year too, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay � Part 1 will be hitting UK cinemas 21st November. Bring on the popcorn.

9. Thick tights are your best friend

Thick tights

Getting ready to go out is so much easier in the winter. When you're pulling on shorts and wearing dresses in the summer there's the worry over patchy tan-lines, shaved legs and whether your toenails need painting. In winter, thick tights are your best friend and you're free to channel your inner (and outer) English rose. We're basically saying that not shaving your legs is totally cool from October to April, we definitely won't judge you.

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