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Are you an April fool? Spot the fake claim in our quiz

Car park bumps and traffic light prangs are fairly common occurrences according to Diamond's Claims team, but our policyholders have had some strange mishaps too.

It's no surprise with hundreds of thousands of drivers insured by Diamond one or two of them have had some pretty unusual incidents.

Lots of our colleagues in the Claims department like to think they've heard it all when it comes to odd driving events but according to them, all bets are off when animals are involved.

Do you think you can spot a fake? Take our quiz below to see if our fake tales of safari park crashes fool you. Tell us how you get on by tweeting @DiamondForGirls or posting to our Facebook page:


We have some errors:


A rhino got up close and personal with one policyholder's car when he decided to use it as a large scratching post. Aside from the fact we imagine this was absolutely terrifying, it also left the car rather battered and scratched


One Diamond girl had the hump with the owners of a travelling circus when a runaway camel charged into her Fiat 500 at a set of traffic lights! To add insult to injury the camel spat on her windscreen before fleeing the scene


Slipping off the brake pedal is an unfortunate error at the best of times, do it when travelling through the lion enclosure and it goes from unfortunate error to terrifying mistake! Well, that's exactly what happened to one policyholder when a lion came to investigate his motor. The driver bumped into the car in front and the mane (see what we did there) culprit made his getaway on foot


Just like lions, bears are pretty scary beasts when they get close to the car you're travelling in. But, in this case it wasn't the policyholder who panicked it was the safari park ranger who pulled a U-turn when he saw a bear getting a tad close to traffic. In his haste he managed to plough into the side of our policyholder's car


They are the cheekiest of all the animals so it's no surprise that monkeys often feature in safari park claims. One such incident saw two naughty primates unscrewing the nuts off one of the wheels on our policyholder's car before the policyholder drove off, minus one wheel!


One policyholder thought a deer was getting close to her car so she did up the window. The noise from the electric window startled the deer causing it to jump and kick its back legs, resulting in a dented side wing and car roof.

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