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Number plate quiz - do you know the rules?

Can you correctly identify the legal registration plates?


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Answer: Legal plate

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Answer: Illegal plate

Answer: Illegal plate

How did that go, did you pass or did you fail to notice the rogue registration plates lurking in our quiz?

Even though we're surrounded by them - they've been a fixture on cars in the UK since the registration system was introduced in 1903 after all - registration plates are very easy to miss.

Unless you're on a long journey and have resorted to playing the number plate game (for anyone who hasn't played, it's essentially Countdown on four wheels) you probably don't look too closely at registration plates.

But just like nearly every other part of car ownership, the responsibility to make sure your registration plate complies with the law is up to you - so it's worth knowing your perfectly acceptable private plates from your absolutely atrocious imitations.


There are some complicated rules of the road which take a bit of effort to get your head around, the rules about registrations however, are pretty simple.

You only have four points to remember:

  • Both front and back plates must be reflective/made from a reflective material
  • The car's front plate must have black characters written on a white background
  • Its back plate must have black characters written on a yellow background
  • You've got to keep it plain - no background pattern on either plate

If you're keen to make a statement with your lettering the characters on your number plate can appear in 3D.

Definite no- nos

Private plates are a lot like Marmite - you either love them or loathe them. For some they're the perfect addition to their beloved motor while for others they're enough to make them cringe at the thought.

Whatever camp you fall into, there's no denying that personalised plates mean big business for the DVLA. Registration plate sales have raised more than £2bn for the UK Treasury over the past 25 years.

However, rules over what you can have on your personalised plate have become a little stricter recently with more and more combinations of letters and numbers added to the banned list because they are deemed too rude!

Fingers crossed you didn't have your heart set on WA15 TED, BO03 ZER or PR15 SON which all feature on the banned list.

In case you're wondering £100,000 will buy you PEN 15 but you're out of luck if you were hoping to get your hands on VA 61 ANA as that's also on the banned list.

Maybe you think personalised plates are more suited to the celebrity domain, the celebs certainly seem to be fans of them. Some our faves from the world of celebrity plates include MAG1C, belonging to magician Paul Daniels, H41 RDO, belonging to hairdresser Nicky Clarke and of course, WE11 JEL, belonging to none other than Amy Childs.

What are your thoughts on personalised plates, are they a do or a don't? Let us know what you think and how you did in the quiz by tweeting @DiamondForGirls or posting to our Facebook page.

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