Dream road trip companions

Who doesn’t love a road trip? From the days of piling into the family car to visit grandma, to weekends away with the girls, life on the road is always fun, writes Maria Pardoski.

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Despite over-packing and numerous stops to stretch our legs, camping in Prince Edward Island and visiting the land of Anne of Green Gables with my family was my most memorable road trip.

Reminiscing about road trips-past with my Diamond colleagues got us thinking about our dream road trips for 2016 which obviously meant choosing our perfect travel companions.

I knew my answer immediately - Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead! He’s hilarious and a good storyteller. He also has the added bonus of being a proven zombie killer, so if the zombie apocalypse were to happen during our trip, he’d have it covered.

It goes without saying that I would take my husband along as well.

Mum's the word for Kelly

"Some of my best memories, conversations, and laughs were during road trips with my mum."

It's a family affair for Jessica

"If I could take a road trip with anyone, it would be my entire family (which is pretty big). We are never promised tomorrow and I’m pretty sure everyone is as guilty as I am for not spending enough time with their loved ones."

Edie opted for a furrier companion

"I'd go on a road trip with my eleven year old 'puppy', Summer Sunshine, a Chihuahua. She is the best sidekick a mum could ever want. She sits up in her seat looking out the window, or  is cuddled in her seat with her blankie. When she needs to pee she scratches at the car door. If she wants a drink she reaches over to where her water is kept, along with her treats and food."

Jennifer would love a trip with her boyfriend

"We've  never had the opportunity to go away together and I think it would be a lot of fun. We have been together three years and he hasn’t done much travelling, especially in the Maritimes (Canada’s eastern provinces, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick). I've had the opportunity to travel a little more throughout the Maritimes and a few other provinces in Canada but it would be fun to explore this beautiful country together!"

While another Jennifer chose a curious companion

"I like taking road trips with my three year old because he is so interested in everything and it makes mundane journeys so much fun! It also gives me an excuse to go places like the zoo."

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