Cars that hold their value

Which cars hold their value the best over time? We did some research and here's what we found out.

Every year in March and September new cars get new age identifiers, with this September being the number 66. As another year goes by, more and more cars become just that much older and depreciate in value.

As cars depreciate, car owners begin to lose money out of their pockets as they won't get nearly as much money back when the decide to sell or turn in their car. This got us wondering: which cars hold their value for longer than others?

We've done some searching around and we've put together a list of some cars that will hold their value better than others, and we've also found a few that will depreciate more quickly than others.

Cars that hold their value well after three years

These 7 cars typically hold their value better than others:

Porsche Cayenne - 84.2% retained retail value

Sitting at the top of our list is the Porsche Cayenne with an impressive 84.2% retained retail value after three years. The Cayenne is a great example of how sometimes more expensive vehicles are worth the investment since they do in fact hold their value for longer. As a sport yet luxurious SUV, the Cayenne is a car to consider if you're looking for something to hold onto its value.

Skoda Yeti - 69.0% retained retail value

Photo credit: Robert Basic

Photo credit: Robert Basic

Want an SUV without the inconvenience of driving around a massive car? The Skoda Yeti is a great solution, and with a 69% maintained retail value after three years, it's worth the investment as well. With its spacious interior and tall body, drivers have plenty of comfortable room in this car.

Kia Sportage - 68.2% retained retail value

Falling just behind the Skoda Yeti, the KIA Sportage is a solid option for when it comes to cars that will hold their value over the years. Even though it's an SUV, the Sportage is still fun and easy to drive, and it offers plenty of spacious room for passengers and within the boot.

Volkswagen Caddy diesel - 64.5% retained retail value

Photo credit: Thomas Doerfer

It's certainly not one of the most glamorous or appealing cars on this list, but VW Caddy proves that style isn't everything when it comes to retained retail value. Great for families with children or pets, or for transporting things, the Caddy maintains 64.5% of its value after three years - which is a lot more than what many vehicles can retain.

Fiat 500 - 63.5% retained retail value

Not surprisingly, the Fiat 500 made it onto our list with a 63.5% retained retail value after three years. It's recognizable retro style and cute personality makes it a favourite among many younger motorists, which is probably why it maintains its value better than other vehicles.

Volkswagen Tiguan diesel - 62.2% retained retail value

Photo credit: Thomas Doerfer

Another popular vehicle among younger drivers, the VW Tiguan is stylish and sophisticated both in appearance and in the interior. With impeccable handling skills and driver comfort, the Tiguan is a great car for any driver looking for superior performance both on the motorway and in the city.

Cars that don't hold their value

Interested in cars that don't hold their value? Check out these three vehicles that depreciate more quickly than others:

Renault Scenic - 28% retained retail value

Photo credit: Rudolf Stricker

Citroen C5 - 24% retained retail value

Photo credit: Marteen

Renault Megane Sport - 23% retained retail value

Photo credit: FotoSleuth

An important thing to remember is that when it comes to cars, there are simple ways to help prevent drastic depreciation of any vehicle's value. Things like maintaining your car well and not adding too many miles to the overall mileage are both easy ways to help maintain your car's value. For more helpful tips on how to maintain your car, check out the AA's helpful guide.

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