Fashion through the decades

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In honour of iconic model Twiggy turning 65 on September 19th (happy birthday, Twiggy!) we decided to take a look at how fashion has changed over the decades.

From flappers to punks, we take a brief tour of our favourite looks from fashion's hall of fame.


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What better place to start than when fashion really came alive - the roaring 20s. Women wore beautiful frocks with drop waists and pretty bonnets. Think Great Gatsby and old Hollywood glamour; fashion powerhouse Gabriella 'Coco' Chanel rose to fame in this decade. By the mid-20s, the most iconic look of the decade came into play - the flapper. It was all sparkly, short dresses, cropped hair and strings of pearls.


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'Shape' was a buzzword in the 50s; women's dresses changed from the plain, loose fit types worn previously and tight fit, cinched-at-the-waist dresses became all the rage. The rockabilly, pin-up looks you see today are based on 50s fashion. TV shows like Mad Men have helped bring the feminine style back to the mainstream.


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A mash of cultures defined the 60s - mods, rockers and hippies all influenced the fashion of the 'swinging sixties'. Flower power took over and it was the decade an elfin Twiggy was thrust into the limelight. Doe-eyed and leggy, Twiggy became synonymous with 60s fashion - short hair, even shorter skirts and heavy-lined eyes.


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While not a fantastic time in fashion history, we just couldn't leave out the 70s. The nation was gripped with Saturday Night Fever, and the love of dance saw flares and Lycra really take off. Colours were bright and the clothes were tight; perfect for reflecting the disco ball. The late-70s gave way to the punk movement when fashion toughened up and became all together more scruffy.


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The 90s were all about grunge fashion, which began in Seattle and migrated over the pond thanks to the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. More of an undone look, flannel shirts were huge, unkempt hair and generally any old thing found in charity shops would do. Doctor Martins were the footwear du jour.

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