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The Christmas presents that never were

Missing Christmas present

When you were growing up you probably received heaps of amazing, thoughtful Christmas presents. There were probably Barbie dolls galore, her Dream House, if you were really lucky, and mountains of clothes, toys and books besides.

So, why is it when it comes to thinking of Christmas presents past, it's the festive faux pas that immediately spring to mind? We don't just mean the year your aunt gave you fluffy slippers instead of the Harry Potter box set you'd been hoping for.

We mean the presents you desperately wanted but never got.

We aren't being ungrateful, it's just we can't quite shake that feeling of 'what if?' In the spirit of getting it all off our chests and trying to move on with our lives, we thought we'd share our memories of the presents we always wanted but Santa forgot.

Do any of the items on this list sound familiar? Let us know the dream present that never quite made it under your tree by tweeting @DiamondForGirls or posting to Facebook.

  • "For eight-year-old me, I knew the one thing which would make my Christmas complete would be the ability to whip-up an icy, sugar-laden drink for family and friends at the drop of a hat. The hat, of course, belonged to Mr Frosty � the white plastic snowman you filled with ice-cubes then, using his little, blue hat, crushed the ice to make 'slush' before pouring flavoured syrup over the top. Weirdly my mum thought letting an eight-year-old loose with crushed ice and an e-number filled sugar syrup was a bad plan!"
  • "They're not quite toys, but I always wanted a pair of light-up trainers. Man, I would have looked so jazzy in a pair of those shiny, red bad-boys. Alas, it was not to be."
  • "Barbies, I never had any Barbies! But I think that was a life lesson I am now glad to have learned!"
  • "Zelda-Ocarina of Time on the N64. My friend had it and I loved that you had a horse. I wouldn't really do anything else with the game but the horse-riding missions!"
  • "A toy garage � as I was a girl I wasn't allowed one. Needless to say, my own son had a super-duper one, and hundreds of cars to go in it!"
  • "All I wanted as a kid was the game Battledome � marbles, motorised parts, the black 'stealth' marble � there was so much potential to cause chaos, it was a young boy's dream. Sadly for me, that's all it ever was."
  • "I never got a Mr. Frosty as a kid, but always wanted one. My friend did buy me one about three years ago to make up for it, but it was a penguin not a snowman and I'm ashamed to say I didn't even open the box."
  • "I always wanted a Baby Alive, my mum didn't mind the feeding bit, it was the other end she had an issue with. I got Tiny Tears instead."

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