Stay safe in the sun this summer

Stay safe in the sun this summer

We all love a tan, and now the sun is finally starting to make an appearance the race is on to get bronzed for the summer. But the last thing you want is painful sunburn or sun-damaged skin when you're older, so here are our tops tips for staying safe in the sun...

1. Fair beware

Fair skin, freckles, light eyes and hair? Sadly these are all good indicators that the sun is not really your friend and you are far more likely to burn. The chance of getting skin cancer is also increased with fair-skinned people. If you have any of the above traits, make sure you wear a high-factor SPF and reapply regularly.

Don't be afraid to cover up in a cute kaftan if you're feeling the burn...

Sun hua

2. Shade seeker

Don't fry your skin by sitting in it from sun-up 'til sundown; seek a shady break during the hottest times of day - 11am to 3pm. There are some gorgeous wide-brimmed sun hats on the high street - style yours with big sunglasses; you'll not only be better-protected from the sun's harsh rays but you'll look pretty good too!

3. Hair care

It's a good idea to protect your hair in the sun - especially if it's coloured. UV rays break down the hair's protein causing the structure to weaken, leaving you with damaged hair prone to breaking. There are a number of products available that you simply spritz on your hair before heading into the sun. We love Charles Worthington's leave-in UV protection spray.

4. Hydrate

It's really important to stay hydrated in the sun - both at home and on hols. We know cocktails taste so good in the sun but alcohol is dehydrating. If you're having cocktails, or any alcohol in the sun, make sure you drink plenty of water as well - it really is the best choice for staying hydrated on hot days.


5. Beware the glare

It's not just beach holidays you need to be careful on - sunlight reflects off water, snow and sand. So if you're skiing, or spending a lot of time in the pool, make sure you're coated in sunscreen and pop those UV-protective sunglasses on.

Sun glare

6. Clouds

Clouds are the last things you want to see when you're enjoying the sunshine, but don't be fooled by them - the sun can still reach you. Cloud cover does reduce the risk of burning but only by a fraction and UV rays can happily penetrate cloud cover. So, don't be tempted to skip on sunscreen if clouds make an unwelcome appearance.

7. No bug zone

Insect repellents reduce the SPF of your sunscreen by up to 1/3. So if you're keeping mosquitoes at bay, make sure you up your SPF when wearing both.

Sun spray

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