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Quick hairstyles for the morning rush

Whether it�s a case of couldn�t be bothered to wash your hair, wanting to try something new with hair that�s finally long enough or just wanting to stay cool this summer, we�ve got some lovely up-dos for you to try out.

We know there�s not always time in the mornings to do something complex with your hair, so we�ve got quick fixes and more adventurous looks for you to try.

So, why not tease your tresses into one of these gorgeous looks this week?

Messy topknot

Messy topknot

Backcomb all your hair and then secure into a high, loose ponytail � ruffle your hair to loosen more. Then backcomb your ponytail a little more and loosely twist into a bun. Secure with a hair bobble, then gently pull at small sections of the bun to loosen and mess up a little more.

Difficulty level: Super easy
Time: Less than 5 minutes

Braid to bun

Messy topknot

Part your hair down the middle and either French braid or Dutch braid (inverted French braid) both sides and secure each with small elastics. Now, gather both braids and twist into a bun at the nape of your neck, or off to the side, and secure with a few bobby pins.

Difficulty level: easy
Time: 10 minutes

Messy twist up

Messy topknot

Credit: Mila Supinskaya

Start by sectioning your hair into four parts. You want to section off a couple of inches from the root all the way down behind your ears on both sides (tie out of the way for now), then section your hair across the back midsection and secure that out of the way. Next, backcomb the three upper sections. Pin the top middle section into a slight beehive, then loosely twist each side piece around to the back of your head and secure under the beehive. Tie the last section into a ponytail and make a gap above your elastic to loop your ponytail up and under, through the gap. Repeat until all the hair is looped up and secure with bobby pins. Gently pull at the hair to loosen the look.

Difficulty level: medium
Time: 15 minutes

French braid chignon

Messy topknot

Start by braiding your hair into a French plait � do it as tight or as loose as you want depending on what look your prefer. Once all the hair is braided, secure with a thin elastic. Then curl the length into a Catherine wheel to the one side or centrally and secure with bobby pins. To conceal the end and the elastic, add a pretty flower or bow. For another look, rather than coil the end you could simply tuck it up under the braid and secure with pins � the end is hidden under the thick part of the plat so no need to add decoration.

Difficulty level: medium
Time: 15 minutes

Fishtail braid

Messy topknot

This is a lot simpler than you may think and with a bit of practise you�ll have it in no time. A great tip is to use a clear elastic to tie your hair into a low ponytail before you start braiding (it will later be snipped away) but you don�t have to do this. Part your ponytail, or hair, into two down the middle. Working with small pieces of hair, take a strand from the left and pass it over the left-hand section of hair, then under the right. Repeat with a strand from the right � over the right section, under the left and so on until all the hair is braided; you�re effectively making Xs in your hair. The smaller the strands you pull each time the better the fishtail effect. Secure the end of your braid with an elastic and carefully snip the top elastic, if you used one.

Difficulty level: medium
Time: 20 minutes

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