11 irritating things you'll hear this month

Now that you've recovered from the New Year's Eve hangover you'll have probably noticed that we've kissed 2014 goodbye (2014, it's not you it's us, we're just not long term commitment kinda girls. Soz)

So, as we're getting used to 2015 and trying to deal with the crushing reality that Christmas really has been and gone, we've started to hear some familiar comments that really drive us round the bend.

We've come up with 11 of the most irritating things you'll hear this month, if you can think of any others tweet @DiamondForGirls or post on our Facebook page and share your pain.

"New Year, new me!"

New year, new me

Uh, really? You were pretty annoying last year to be honest, no change so far.

"This year I am all about the gym."

Learn shrugging

Am I dreaming or did we have this same conversation last year? Well, I'm sure this is the year you stick to it and I definitely won't hear you complaining about 'not being beach-ready' in July!

"2015 is my year."


Ah yes, the rest of us will just have to wait our turn then.

"Well, we just did little presents this year because…"

Sad face

This sentence will usually end with buying a house/going on a dream holiday/ getting married and serves only to remind you that you don't have your life together at all.

"I'm actually really enjoying Dry January."

Fingers Crossed

No you aren't, stop lying to yourself.

"…and then he proposed!"


But, but, but…didn't you just meet him? Aren't you like, 10?!

"New Year's Eve was the most magical night of my life."


No it wasn't, New Year's Eve is always rubbish. If you go out you spend a fortune, if you stay in you fall asleep before midnight only to be rudely awoken by your neighbours' attempt at a firework display.

"It's a pity you can't remember it because you were so funny at the Christmas party!"


It was three weeks ago, can everybody just forget my slightly slurred rendition of Santa Baby already?

"The countdown to Mexico starts now."

Cross eyed

No. Just no. Stop talking, I do not need a day-by-day countdown until your holiday.

"Ooh, look at you eating crisps, you're naughty."

Eating Crisps

No, I'm just hungry and drowning my January-induced misery in salty goodness.

"So, what are you doing for Valentine's Day?"


Don't even talk to me!

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