7 tips to help make your money go further

Oh, how we wish we had Beyonc�'s bank account... and her figure, her voice, her property portfolio, her wardrobe, her... whoops, sorry, went off on a tangent there!

Back to our first point, we really wish our bank account wasn't quite so empty and, if we were pushed to put in place a resolution we could stick to this year, it would be being better with money.

So, because sharing is caring, we've dug up 7 top tips to make those pay cheques stretch a bit further.

1. Make your own lunch


Yes, your office may well be right next door to a Pret, but you don't have to eat there every day! If you spend �6 a day buying a sandwich, bag of crisps and a drink, it works out as �30 a week and a massive �120 a month just for lunch.

For just �6 a week, you could buy a loaf of bread, a packet of ham and a multipack of crisps from the supermarket � that's a huge saving of �96 a month, equating to �1,152 a year.

We reckon that's worth the extra 10 minutes of prep the night before.

2. Budget

Piggy Bank

You know what you get paid every month and � unless you're hit with an unexpected bill � you know any extra expenses you'll have for the month ahead like nights out or holidays, so how do you always manage to hit that overdraft 10 days into the month?

Well, if you're anything like us it's probably because on payday you handily forget all that money has to last you a whole month. Use a budgeting tool to help you plan the month ahead.

3. Don't shop on payday

Shopping bags

In the same way you shouldn't food shop when hungry, don't shop on payday. It might be tempting to join the gang when they nip out to do some lunchtime shopping at the end of the month, but unless there's a specific item you need to get or have got to buy, don't do it.

Back in 2014, a survey by cashback site, Quidco, revealed that after payday, people, on average, blow through �240 in 24 hours. If you're one of those people it means you're spending �2,880 a year on payday purchases. Even if you halve that amount, that's a saving of �1,440 a year.

4. Become a deal scout

Shopping online

Fancy treating yourself to a night away with the other half? Get on Groupon, Secret Escapes, Travelzoo or any one of the other deal-filled websites before you book.

Even if you want to go for a meal with the girls, a day at the theatre or a night at the cinema, be sure to check what's on offer before paying full price.

5. Don't just use eBay to buy

sell your old unwanted possesions

We're not suggesting you sell off all of your worldly possessions, but maybe you've been hanging onto something you just don't need which could earn you some much-needed cash.

Go through your wardrobe, you might find a ball gown you've only worn once or a jacket which still has the tags on. Have a look at the rest of the house, could you do with getting rid of some furniture? You may even find some kitchenware that's still in its box.

If it's yours and you never use it, sell it to someone who will.

6. Stop saying �I haven't got anything to wear!�

Full wardrobe

Come on, be honest with yourself, you do have something to wear � if you didn't you wouldn't be struggling to shut your wardrobe every morning would you?

Just empty it out and we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised � you might even find something new you'd forgotten about. Check out our guide on how to freshen up your wardrobe without blowing the bank.

7. Walk to work

Walking with a coffee

Obviously this won't work for everyone, but if you're catching the bus or train everyday when you really could walk, why not save the fare?

Even if your daily return is just �2.50, that adds up to �12.50 a week, �50 a month, �600 a year. What an epic saving to make and, even better, the extra exercise will help you shift any unwanted pounds too!

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