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The fifteen hottest things you need in your life this spring

From taking a good selfie to getting the sun kissed locks of Poppy Delevingne, here you'll find the 15 hottest trends for the spring.

1. Talk to the hand

The globally recognised symbol for 'call me' has become a reality. With an integrated microphone and speaker in the thumb and finger these Bluetooth gloves turn your hand into a phone.

2. An attractive wearable bracelet that measures your sun exposure

This bracelet and accompanying app will track your sun exposure, recommend an SPF and give skincare advice.

3. Motivation on your wrist

Fitness trackers are the latest arm candy. Nike+ Fuelband will measure the intensity of your workout and enable sleep tracking. It also connects you to your friends so you can keep each other motivated.

4. The handbag that's a phone charger

The handbag that's a phone charger The handbag that's a phone charger

Who hasn't been out and had their phone die and it's always when you need it most. This bag fuses fashion and technology and will charge our phone on the go.

5. Dip dye

Still hot, the dip dye takes a new direction in 2014. Organic colour expert, Karine Jackson's brand new technique 'melange' is a subtle take on the look. She says, "For brunettes it's all about grungy shine, for blondes try a crisper shade and blend with pastel tones."

6. The Faux Bob as seen at the Golden Globes

Celebs like Nicole Scherzinger and Cate Blanchett have been rocking this look recently. "Back brush sections of hair from nape up to curvature of the head, take the hair above these sections and wrap under, gripping hair at the nape to give illusion of a bob shape," says Artistic Director at D&J Ambrose Luke Benson.

7. Slick Styling as seen on Glee's Lea Michele

The wet-look style is a massive trend for 2014. Looks to celebs like Hayden Panettiere and Glee's Lea Michele for inspiration. "Simply mix your favorite serum or oil with gel and apply the mixture to your hair using a comb to slick the hair back. Finish by running straighteners over the mid lengths and ends," says Kai Wan, Director at Pkai.

8. Sun Kissed Locks as seen on Poppy Delevingne

Sun Kissed Locks as seen on Poppy Delevingne Sun Kissed Locks as seen on Poppy Delevingne

Balayage is fast becoming the alternative to the dated foils technique of highlighting. "It's versatile and modern, giving a sun-kissed look to the hair which grows out naturally rather as opposed to the heavy colour you get with foils. Think of model Poppy Delevingne as the poster girl for this look - it's all about looking as though you've just come back from a sun-drenched Caribbean holiday," says stylist Jack Howard.

9. The good, the bad and the awesomely ugly selfie

The good, the bad and the awesomely ugly selfie The good, the bad and the awesomely ugly selfie

No duck lips. Fake sleeping. Or 'just woken up' with a full face of makeup. A spectacular selfie is an art. Filters like Inkwell or Willow in Instagram will wash out those lines and dark circles. And be honest. For example: 'check out my amazing gym body' is better than 'LOL my bathroom mirror is filthy' . Or basically just ask yourself what Kim Kardashian would do and then do the opposite.

10. The best make-up tips on YouTube?

From getting Keira Knightly and Kate Winslet ready for the red carpet through to Vogue covers Lisa Eldridge is a make-up artist to the stars. Her website and You Tube channel will take you step by step to recreating the perfect look.

11. Glorious technicolour shoes

Glorious technicolour shoes Glorious technicolour shoes

This season a vivid rainbow lite up the catwalks drenching the new season in delicious head to toe brights. On the high street Very and Vestry have the best must-have colour block and pattern pumps for around £40.

12. Back to mono

Back to mono Back to mono

Good old black and white has had a face-lift. Monochrome patterns with texture were all over the catwalk. If you have a big budget or want inspiration check out Victoria Beckham and Diane Von Furstenberg. But for high-street chic try both Hobbs and The Vestry.

13. Hit up the BIG pattern trend

Hit up the BIG pattern trend Hit up the BIG pattern trend

Big patterns with an ethnic twist plunder ideas from around the world. Harem pants get a big pattern makeover (Izabel) and at the sleeker end of the trend pair a print skirt (Monsoon) with a colour block top.

14. Spring Origami

Spring Origami Spring Origami

Folded skirts, shirts and tailoring are hot this season. For inspiration or a splurge you can't get better than the Salvatore Ferragamo cotton and leather skirt.

15. Pattern on pattern

Pattern on pattern Pattern on pattern

It's like double denim. It just feels so wrong. But this season florals are big, bold and in your face. But the key trend is floral on floral. We promise you it won't be all Britney and Justin circa 2001. Check out the McQ floral prom dress and Untold floral sweater.

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