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Handbag Heaven

A woman is never far from her handbag, be it large or small, high street or designer. Well, woman have revealed to us the secrets of their handbag.

Handbag Heaven Infographic

In a recent Diamond survey of 2,000 women, over 20% claim to own more than ten handbags. That means you ladies are dedicating a lot of precious wardrobe space to your growing collections.

It would also appear some of you use handbags to suss out others, with 25% of those surveyed saying they judge other women by the bag they carry.

Whether it's a Biba satchel bag, a Chanel clutch or the coveted Mulberry Bayswater, beautiful bags get you talking.

A lot of you desire the supple leather offerings which are usually seen dangling from the arms of bona fide superstars and any WAG worth her salt, however of the women we asked 59% would rather buy a few high street bags than one blow out purchase if they were given £500 to spend.

When it comes to who should carry one, man bags are a no no for most women with 77% calling them a turn off.

Whether you're a one bag woman or a "more's the merrier" kinda gal, a girl's handbag contains her own personal collection of essentials to help get her through the day. The average woman's handbag contains £284 worth of purses, phones, make-up and plenty of other essentials and 11% of those asked said they'd had their handbag stolen.

We've been asking you what's the strangest item in your bag and your answers so far certainly haven't disappointed. From the sweet, "my son's first baby tooth which is now 20 years old," to the saucy, "spare knickers," to the downright scary, "The blood of my enemies."

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