Diamond road trips for girls

Driving, some days it's the last thing you want to do. Commuter traffic, road works and diversions, they're enough to leave even the most chilled out driver feeling a tad frazzled.

Some days though, driving can be brilliant, it's usually during the summer months when you pack up the car with items for every eventuality, pick-up your friends and head off into the great unknown.

A summer road trip is a rite of passage, usually first embarked upon when you and all your mates have just passed your tests, but road trips don't have an age limit. They can be just as enjoyable as you get older (it just means you'll be drinking nicer wine when you've finished driving for the day).

We thought we'd help you figure out some of the best routes to take for a Great British road trip this summer, read on to see which we've chosen as our top five.

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