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The perfect girls' night in

girls' night in

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With the summer beach parties behind you and a deluge of Christmas festivities ahead, the thought of another night out on the town may leave you feeling more exhausted than energised.

However, you can't miss out on a good old catch-up with the girls, so, what can you do instead? We recommend a girls' night in to give you a chance to catch up on the goss and recharge those batteries before the big party season begins.

Girls' night essentials

We've put together a list of six girls' night in essentials. Once you've got these covered your perfect PJ party can begin.

  1. First things first, if you want a girly night to rival those of our on-screen, sleepover heroines (think The Pink Ladies, The Plastics and the ladies from Friends) you need to make sure you've packed your PJs! The cosier the better. This is the time for slouchy pyjama bottoms and retro bed Ts, not slinky nighties.
  2. Whether you plan your night around the X Factor and Strictly, or opt for a girly film fest, preparation is key. Whether it means kicking your other half or your flatmates out for the night, make sure you have control of the remote. If you go down the film route, try to mix it up a bit, going for a couple of weepies is fine but make sure you have something to laugh at too. Bridesmaids or The Hangover are good options.
  3. Snacks, snacks and more snacks! No girls' night in is complete without some naughty nibbles so, forget about the diet for one night. If you're going to have a takeaway make sure you have a selection of menus to hand and all bring cash � no one wants to do a 9pm cash-point trip in their onesie. A steaming mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows wouldn't go amiss either.
  4. It might be a big ask, but try to turn the phones off. Even if it's just for an hour or so, ignore Facebook, shun Twitter and stop with the Snapchat. There's nothing worse than organising a night with your mates and all spending the night with your heads in your phones, live in the moment for a change. You can always tweet about it later if you really want to.
  5. Stock up on face masks and turn your house into your own personal spa without the expense of visiting a real one. Tell your mates to bring a selection of nail polishes and take it in turns to give each other manicures and pedicures.
  6. Finally, if you are making your girls' night in a slumber party, make sure you've got the fridge well stocked for breakfast. Get the OJ in, refill the tea jar and be sure to have a croissant or two in the cupboard.

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