Faking it to make it

Faking it to make it

We all instantly recognise a celebrity; their styled hair, glowing skin, the air of confidence that surrounds them. They just look different to us average girls with our mascara slightly smudged after battling to work through the wind and rain, our top-knot looking more frizz than fashionable after a tough day in the office and the label sticking out of our Topshop shirt.

With the rise of TOWIE and Made in Chelsea, we've seen people morph from ordinary to superstar quicker than ever, but how can we also achieve the celebrity look?

In our video, showbiz presenter Sam Homewood takes girl next door Georgia from not-on-the-list to A-list and you can get the simple tips you need to fake it to make it as a celebrity as well.

Watch the video to see if Georgia can convince the general public of her star status and turn heads on one of London's most iconic locations - Carnaby Street.

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