Dance your way to a Strictly body


We all love sitting down on a Saturday night and watching our fave stars take to the Strictly Come Dancing stage but, if you're anything like us at Diamond, you probably feel more than a little bit guilty tucking into a takeaway when the professional dancers appear on screen.

Or maybe you feel a tad jealous of the rugby players and TV stars that look better than you on the dance floor?

Obviously those guys train nearly all day everyday and it takes years of hard work and dedication to earn yourself a washboard stomach like the professionals, but don't let that put you off, you too can become a dancing queen.

Here's where you can find some of the best dance classes to prepare yourself for any impromptu dance-offs.

Pineapple Dance Studios - London


These legendary dance studios have been around since 1979 and were opened by Debbie Moore in an effort to make dance available to everyone.

The studios are based in Covent Garden and offer more than 250 classes a week in nearly 40 different varieties of dance including classical ballet, hip-hop, salsa and many more.

You can just turn up and take a class (you don't even have to book) or if you fancy a one-off experience, you can book a class for you and your mates or even one-on-one tuition.

Visit Pineapple's website for more information.

Body Work Company Dance Studios - Cambridge


Home to Cambridge Performing Arts - a three-year performing arts course - and offering a diploma in professional dance and musical theatre, this may sound a little too advanced for a casual Strictly watcher.

However, we've not gone completely mad. As well as all the serious qualifications on offer, the studios also hold open classes throughout the year and welcome dancers of all abilities to take part.

You could try your hand at ballet, tap, street dance, contemporary or even a bit of Zumba fitness should the mood take you.

Visit the studio's website for more information.

Yorkshire Dance - Leeds


A dance agency championing the development of dance in Yorkshire for people from all walks of life. Yorkshire Dance celebrated its 30th birthday in 2012 and the agency is still going strong.

The studios are based in the centre of Leeds and supported by Arts Council England, Leeds City Council and Lottery funding. The adult classes include all the usual things like ballroom, contemporary and hip-hop as well as some interesting sounding offerings like BurleX Fitness - a mix of burlesque and interval training, and aerial hoop courses.

Visit Yorkshire Dance for more information.

Wonderland Studios - Cardiff


Open since 2012, Wonderland Studios is based in a building originally constructed as a dance hall in the early 20th Century. Like Body Work Company Dance Studios, Wonderland was set up to help wannabe professional dancers realise their dream but also offers classes to regular folk who just want to dance.

Situated in a 'studenty' part of town, expect to find lots of excitable undergrads hoping to become the next Darcy Bussell wandering the corridors.

There are beginners classes for hip-hop hopefuls, burlesque babes and tap temptresses.

Visit Wonderland for more information.

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