Christmas presents

Celebs gone Christmas crackers

You�ll have probably uttered these words already this year: �I�m cutting back this Christmas� or �I�m not going to go overboard this Christmas�.

But we�re all guilty of spoiling the ones we love during the festive season, and why not?

However, there are certain people out there who go way overboard and splash staggering amounts of cash on pressies for their nearest and dearest.

Yup, you guessed it, the super-rich A-listers.

We�ve rounded up some of the most ridiculously expensive gifts that Hollywood�s darlings have allegedly put under their Christmas trees over the years.

Pricey PJs



A set of sumptuous silk Olivia von Halle PJs may be on many a girl�s wish list, but with a starting price of �330 that�s probably where they�re going to stay. But for David Beckham, one set just wasn�t enough for his beloved Posh. So, he put a call into Harrods and ordered two sets of the Coco Chanel-inspired PJs.

Bonkers bags



Here�s another celeb who doesn�t believe that less is more. Jay-Z wanted to treat Beyonc� to a coveted Birkin bag from Herm�s. The iconic fashion item retails at around �3,500 but one wasn�t enough for Queen B; Jay bought $350,000 (around �217,000) worth of Birkins for her � we work that out to be 62 handbags. 62! No wonder they�re so hard to get.

Fancy flights



OK, you won�t get one of these under the tree but we�re sure Brad Pitt was pretty delighted with the $1.6million (just short of �1m) helicopter his wife bought him one Christmas. Perhaps worried she hadn�t spent enough, Angelina also forked out for Brad�s flying lessons � he couldn�t even fly it! We wonder if he guessed what it was...

Dear digs


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There wasn�t a lump of coal in sight for the six-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, who was given a �15,000 two-storey playhouse complete with running water and electricity one Christmas. Suri must have been extra good all year for that present off mum, Katie. Didn�t get a Grand Victorian Playhouse on your sixth Christmas? Neither did we.

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