Wardrobe déjà vu

Yves Saint Laurent once said "fashions fade, style is eternal," but these days they don't 'fade' for long.

The pair of high-waisted jeans you relegated to the back of the wardrobe are the height of fashion for teenage girls at the moment; they're even sold on the high street as 'mum jeans'.

Even the 'mumsy' mules your children wouldn't have been seen dead in years ago are hot property. Admittedly, the humble mule has had a makeover and now comes in a vast range of must-have styles for the fashion die-hards.

So before you fill up a bin bag of 'past it' clothes, have a think if your daughter, or maybe even your granddaughter, may want your threads in years to come.

Here are a few more come back kings

  • Jelly shoes - they're not for everyone but like 'em or not they're back, with a vengeance. Every fashion-conscious girl can be seen strutting around in the multicoloured, glitter jelly shoes you once put your five-year-old in
  • Dungarees - you can thank the likes of fashion darlings Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott for these coming back. No longer a kooky choice of maternity wear, denim overalls are mainstream once more
  • Slogan tops - remember when a United Colors of Benetton jumper was the hippest thing to be seen in? Well, high-end fashion houses (think Balenciaga and Kenzo) thought it was time for resurgence and brought them back. Bit out of your price range? Pop to your local Primark to get a jumper emblazoned with a slogan to suit any mood
  • Culottes - not quite a skirt, not quite shorts - they're a mixture of both, the big sister to the skort (which, by the way, we hope die a death after this year) Once an alternative to the skirt in the schoolyard, culottes are being sashayed down the runway once again
  • Day glo - the staple of 80s fashion? Anything neon. And it seems 2014 wants a piece of the action - the high street is awash with highlighter-hues, and we've even spotted the odd perm. Anyone say Flashdance?

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