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Argh... how annoying! 14 habits to drive you mad

Men and women, young and old, tall and short - everybody has them. Some people are aware of them while others have no clue. What on earth are we talking about? Bad habits, of course.

You may think you're a delight to live with, that your only flaw is making your partner too many cups of tea and just being too giving in general. We guarantee this isn't the case, it may be the fact you loudly gulp said cups of tea, or have an inability to do the washing up straight away - having a bad habit is almost impossible to avoid.

We asked some of our Diamond colleagues if their partners have any habits which drive them to distraction. It seems the Diamond gang are a wound-up bunch and were more than happy to spill-the-beans on their partners' irritating quirks

Does your partner do any of the following, or are you the one who causes chaos with your maddening behaviour? Tweet @DiamondForGirls and let us know.

dishes piled high
  1. "When my Mrs cooks, she uses almost every utensil in the kitchen! If she's making a stir-fry or Bolognese she'll use a spatula to stir it while it's cooking and then use a serving spoon to dish it up... my argument is why not just use the spoon from the start? I think she just makes more washing up for me on purpose. If she ever clears away the plates, she'll place them in the kitchen, but not IN the sink, just very nearby on the worktop. Aaargh!"
  2. "This is an easy one. My partner puts small things on the larger, more open shelf in the fridge where one would put cartons of milk, large bottles of soda etc. There's nothing worse than trying to put groceries in the fridge and finding that you can't put the milk where it belongs because there are tiny bottles of mustard, minced garlic, relish and the like in the way."
  1. "My partner's annoying habit is running the car until it's out of petrol. I recently started it and it broke down on his mum's drive, blocking his whole family in! He lives in a village and the nearest petrol station is about 10 miles away. I was furious and so was his mother! His car is currently petrol-less on the drive."
  2. "My girlfriend hates it when I click my fingers. It's difficult because I do it so often it's almost a subconscious thing!"
  3. "An ex of mine always left dirty dishes in the sink... they don't wash themselves!"
nail biting
  1. "My boyfriend has many annoying habits but the one which really annoys me is nail biting. He bites his nails and flicks them in the car. I wouldn't mind so much if I had an old banger, but when I've got a nice looking 2-year-old car that I'm trying to keep in great condition, it's not a good look to have nails on the dashboards, seats and floor mats! And men say we're annoying."
  2. "If my husband gets an itch in his armpit - which is surprisingly often - he will scratch himself there, and then insist on sniffing his hand every time! We could be at home, in public, about to meet the Queen, whatever; if he gets the itch then that hand is getting sniffed!"
tea bags
  1. "My fianc� always puts used teabags in the sink instead of the bin and puts empty bottles back in the fridge grrrr!"
  2. "My girlfriend always puts the wrong DVD in the wrong case and it drives me to the point of insanity."
toilet roll
  1. "The one thing my partner does that drives me crazy (or should that be one of the things?) is not replace the toilet paper when it's empty. 9/10 times there's a new roll, but it's either on the floor or the bathroom sink as opposed to being put on the holder."
  2. "My other half likes to put receipts and letters that need shredding ON TOP of the shredder, it drives me mental. I've told him and his response is: 'I like to leave them to build up and do them in a pile'. I wait for him to go in the living room and shred them myself! I'm sure it's just a tactic to get me to do it!"
  1. "My most annoying habit is moving the kitchen towel. I wash my hands, dry them on the kitchen towel and then take the towel with me. It's something I do without thinking and to say it frustrates my partner is an understatement. A lot of the time I can't even find it myself. Before now it's ended up on the arm of my chair, in the bathroom, and most recently, out the garden. Oops!"
  2. "I am the blanket stealer. Every night I steal the blanket - unintentionally - from my fianc� and he gets so frustrated about it. We've got separate blankets but I'll sometimes still try to steal his if I decide, in my sleep, to use my blanket as a pillow or kick my blanket on the floor. After a couple years of blanket stealing I've moved onto pillow stealing. The sad part is, we have 5 pillows in our room and I use 4 of them. It got to an all time low when, in the middle of the night, I pulled his pillow out from underneath his head just to put my arm on it."
  3. "My husband leaves dirty laundry on the bathroom floor. So annoying!"

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