It was acceptable in the 80s

It was acceptable in the 80s

The 80s, the decade fashion forgot. Shoulder pads, shell suits, shiny leggings, so many shs it's as though time was desperately trying to keep the fashion sins of this decade quiet.

However, for all its fashion failures - spiral perms, blue eye shadow, white stilettos - the 80s produced some fashion icons which live on to this day.

It was acceptable in the 80s

These photos were dontated by our brave staff.

The 80s gave us Madonna's rara skirts and epic eyebrows, Blondie's bad ass attitude and Kim Wilde's stripy Ts. When you add Cyndi Lauper into the mix, it's clear the 80s paved the way for women everywhere to embrace girl power long before Ginger Spice and her Union Jack dress.

It's also responsible for some of the greatest photographs in history. Pictures of the 80s are proof that everyone was a lot more flammable then than now, how much of the budget for the weekly shop was spent on hairspray?

We persuaded some of the staff at Diamond to share their best 80s pictures with you so why not share some of your own? Just tweet your pictures to @Diamondforgirls.

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