7 things we all do at the petrol station

Filling your tank may be the bane of your life, with fuel prices fluctuating week-to-week it's hard to know what to expect when you get to the garage.

However unpredictable fuel prices might be, our petrol station habits are anything but. A quick poll of Diamond HQ revealed there are a few things we all do every time we pull in for petrol.

So, here are 7 things we know we'll end up doing when we drive onto the forecourt, let us know by tweeting @DiamondForGirls or posting on our Facebook page if you do any of these things too.

  1. Stock up on sweets - for some of the guys and girls in the Diamond office the mere whiff of petrol fumes has them craving jelly sweets.
  2. Forget which side the petrol cap is on - it seems no matter how long we've owned our cars or how often we fill up, we just can't seem to remember where that pesky cap is!
  3. Forget about the fuel cap altogether - there are just so many things to remember at the garage, for one of our colleagues, screwing the petrol cap back on was just too much. Sadly for her, this resulted in petrol spilling from her car every time she took a corner costing her most of a tank of petrol. This happened to her TWICE!
  4. Become obsessed with whole numbers - £19.97, £19.98, £20.01, argh! It's okay, I wanted £25's worth of petrol anyway. £25.02, nooooo!
  5. Turn the radio off - as soon as we pull into the garage, that radio is turned right down, even if we have to queue. If we don't turn it down it may distract us and make us 'forget' which side the petrol cap is on. Again.
  6. Panic - am I putting unleaded in? Oh my god, is my tank even petrol? What if I've just muddled up the nozzles? So. Much. Stress.
  7. Judge - anyone using their mobile will get a judgemental stare. Don't they know the risks?! Also, anyone buying garage forecourt bouquets will be eyed with an air of suspicion.

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