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6 Halloween fancy dress ideas

Sexy devil, sexy witch, sexy Batgirl - aren't you all just a little bit bored of Halloween costumes for women? We certainly are.


Halloween is all about ghouls and goblins and being pretty scary in general; it's fine for the blokes, they can be truly horrifying creatures - hairy werewolves, zombies covered in fake blood, manic-looking Jokers - so why are us girls left with tiny, barely there outfits?

Well, we've had enough! This year, us Diamond girls will not be attempting to manoeuvre our way into a red corset and tutu. No, our saucy devil days are behind us; we'll be joining the boys in transforming ourselves into terrifying monsters - or, at the very least, trying to be a bit more inventive.

1. A bat

Halloween bat

© Lenore M. Edman, evilmadscientist.com

Yes, all you'll need is a black umbrella and hoodie to transform yourself into a pretty awesome looking bat. Visit Evil Mad Scientist for instructions.

2. Silent movie stars

Halloween silent movie stars

© shrimpsaladcircus.com

It's easy to dress as 'Brangelina', and pretty dull, to be honest. It'll be far more fun to coat yourself in white paint and shadow your cheeks while dressed in a black 1920s flapper-style number. Make sure you take cue cards out with you for the full, silent effect. This pair have got it nailed, check out Shrimp Salad Circus to see how they did it.

3. The twins from The Shining

Halloween twins from the shining

© instagram/chuckhodi

If you and your bestie want to co-ordinate your outfits but would both prefer to avoid cleavage-baring witch costumes, go as the twins from The Shining. You'll need blue dresses, long white socks and a ghoulish amount of fake blood.

4. Pac Man and a ghost

Halloween pacman

© instagram/mafer1406

If you have some big pieces of cardboard, scissors and some yellow and pink paint, you're pretty much all set with this one. Grab a mate and get creative. If you really want to make an impression, get lots of friends involved.

5. Google Maps

Halloween google

© instagram/ritz1441

So simple, yet, so brilliant and so much more fun with a friend. Get yourselves a couple of plain grey T-shirts, lots of yellow tape, white stickers and some red card and get designing. Try to map out your local town.

6. Toiletries

Halloween Toiletries

© instagram/neenxo

We love this idea! It will involve lots of puffy fabric and some clever stitching if you fancy going as a body polishing sponge, but if you'd rather just go as a bottle of shampoo, you'll just need some thick card and a flair for design.

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