Women can map read as well as men


Men are just as likely as women to lose their way when map reading, despite thinking they are the better navigators.

Map reading is another great debate for the ongoing battle of the sexes. Diamond a direct insurer specialising in car insurance for women, surveyed 1000 visitors to its website to find out people's map reading abilities.

80% of men consider themselves a good map-reader, compared to 66% of women. The majority of men also believe that men are the best at reading maps, whereas the majority of women think there's no difference between the sexes.

Diamond's results show that in reality, there is very little difference between men and women. 70% of women and 69% of men admit to losing their way, despite using a map for directions. 81% of both men and women also confessed to having to stop and ask for directions, when driving.

However, men and women do agree on how much they disagree when travelling. 79% of women and 75% of men admit to arguing with their partner over map reading on a journey, and which direction they should take.

Sian Lewis, managing director at Diamond, said, "Our results show that contrary to popular belief, men are no better at map reading than women. Men still get lost, still have to ask for directions and still argue with their partners over the correct route to take. I think the main difference is that men don't like to admit when they are wrong!"

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