Don't stop thinking if you suspect they've been drinking


New research by leading women's insurer Diamond suggests that although the anti-drink-driving message has got through to most women motorists, some don't seem to be taking the risks attached seriously enough.

Diamond questioned over 500 women from across the country and firstly asked them if they would get into a car being driven by someone they suspected was over the drink-driving limit. The response is shocking; the number that would has more than trebled since 2003.

Diamond managing director, Sian Lewis, commented, "On average 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured each year in drink-drive collisions, and so getting in a car with someone who you think may be over the limit holds serious risks for your safety.

"If you and your partner have both had a few drinks, and they are determined to drive, don't get in the car, as you could be risking your life."

Diamond also asked respondents how many units of alcohol they would drink and still consider themselves safe to drive; on this front, the figures make more positive reading.

  • In 2003 55% of women would not drive after drinking any alcohol, and in 2005 this figure has risen to 65%,
  • The amount that would drink 1 or 2 units before driving has fallen by almost 10%, and,
  • The amount that would drink 3 to 4 units has halved since 2003.

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