Fiesta clings to its female favourite reign


For 10 years the Ford Fiesta has been one of the UK's top selling cars, but it seems its popularity amongst women motorists is on the slide.

Women's car insurance specialist Diamond looked at over 2 million of the most popular cars for its policyholders over the last decade, and although the Fiesta has topped the charts each year, the cavalry of Corsas and Clios look soon to take over as women's most popular choice.

The Fiesta's popularity was at its height in 2000 where it was 3 times as popular as its nearest rival, but its popularity has since plummeted by 58%, whilst its closest rivals the Vauxhall Corsa and Renault Clio have seen colossal increases of 260% and 330% respectively. The Fiesta is now less than 1% more popular than the Corsa and just over 1% more popular than the Clio.

Sian Lewis, managing director at Diamond said, "The small car market is ultra competitive and it seems that women are being drawn to the Fiesta's rivals in their droves. We've also seen an increase in the number of women driving 4x4s and sports cars and so it's not just other small cars that are taking the Fiesta's customers."

So how much does it cost to insure the most popular cars?



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