Robbie Gets Women Revved up for a Road Trip


Robbie Williams has been revealed as the famous man most women would like to accompany them on a dream road trip according to women's car insurance specialist Diamond.

A survey carried out by Diamond questioned female customers about their fantasy road trip. The USA emerged as the most popular destination and Robbie Williams as most popular male, followed closely by George Clooney and Johnny Depp.

It seems women's taste in men matures with age, as George Clooney was the outright favourite for women over 40, with Robbie not getting a single vote! Interestingly, two respondents demonstrated their faith that Elvis is alive and well by picking him as their ideal road trip companion.

The least popular choices of famous men to share a road trip with were Tony Blair, George Bush and John Prescott.

Diamond managing director, Sian Lewis, commented, "It seems that women could think of nothing worse that being stuck in a car on a long journey with a politician. A road trip is a perfect way to avoid the everyday world and so their choices aren't really surprising.

"However, what is surprising are Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt's names being high up the least popular list alongside the politicians. Maybe their huge exposure over the past few years has left women a bit bored of them.

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