Women feel the most rage on the roads


Women drivers are more likely than men to feel road rage, but are less likely to physically act on it, according to a recent survey.

As the number of cars on the roads increase, the stress of driving has got worse. Diamond, a direct insurer specialising in car insurance for women, surveyed 1200 motorists and found that 80% of women feel angry with other drivers compared to 67% of men.

However, of those who admitted to road rage, men are more likely to act upon their impulses with 28% of men admitting to verbally attacking another driver compared to just 18% of women.

Diamond found that women in the Northeast are more likely to get road rage than anyone else in the UK. 95% of women from the Northeast admitted to road rage, followed by women from the East Midlands at 89% and Northern Ireland with 88%. The calmest female drivers come from the Southwest, with 68% getting angry with other road users.

Despite having some of the busiest roads in the UK, only 76% of women drivers in London and the Southeast felt road rage. However, they tend to be the ones most likely to act on their feelings of road rage with 26% admitting to verbally attacking another driver. They are closely followed by women from Yorkshire at 24% and Northern Ireland at 22%. 19% of Scottish women have verbally attacked another road user, but only 9% of Welsh women admitted to this.

Sian Lewis, managing director of Diamond said, "Women are supposed to be the calmer sex, so it's surprising to see how many become angry with other drivers. Road rage is certainly increasing on UK roads. Higher levels of traffic and congestion charges mean drivers in busier towns and cities tend to react too angrily because of their frustration."

Percentage of motorists who get road rage with other drivers

Region % Women %
East Anglia 81% 68%
East Midlands 89% 67%
London & Southeast 76% 68%
Northern Ireland 88% 70%
Northeast 95% 57%
Northwest 84% 71%
Scotland 81% 63%
South West 68% 66%
Wales 81% 76%
West Midlands 80% 55%
Yorkshire 81% 86%

Motorists who have verbally attacked another driver because of road rage.

Region %
East Anglia 6% 24%
East Midlands 16% 17%
London & Southeast 26% 29%
Northern Ireland 22% 24%
Northeast 8% 26%
Northwest 21% 32%
Scotland 19% 24%
South West 8% 28%
Wales 9% 14%
West Midlands 5% 30%
Yorkshire 25% 45%

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