Car christening Britons love their cars


A new study reveals half of UK motorists admit to loving their car and a third take this even further by giving it a name, with Betsy coming out on top as the most popular name followed by Baby and Betty.

Women's car insurance specialist, Diamond asked 1,000 motorists about their feelings towards their car and the results showed 50% say they love their car and 33% have given it a name. However, it's women who are more likely to christen their cars, with 38% of them admitting their car has a name compared with 26% of men.

Diamond spokesman, James Carnduff, commented, "A car may simply be a tonne and a half of metal and glass, but to some people it means much more than that, in fact 2% of motorists admit their car is the most important thing in their life.

"People spend large amounts of time in their car so it's not surprising that they become attached to them, however, I'm sure they get called all sorts of interesting names when they don't work as they're meant to!"

When looking around the country it's the Welsh who come out as the top car christeners, with 50% admitting their car has a name, followed by people in the East Midlands and Yorkshire, both with 38%.

But just what are people calling their cars? Women's names are the most common with the top 5 most popular consisting purely of them so it looks like a lot of people see their cars as being female. The top 5 most popular names are:

  1. Betsy
  2. Baby
  3. Betty
  4. Ruby
  5. Susie

James continued, "Although the top 5 was dominated by women's names there were also some very strange names in our list including Beastie, Einstein, Fizzy Pop, Henry McHaggis, Kim Jong-il, Mr Aubergine McRalph and Sadie Frost! Some people undoubtedly have fantastic imaginations when it comes to naming their car!" 


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