Where do women buy their insurance?


A recent survey examining women's' preferred method of buying car insurance has highlighted the differences in trends between younger and older women drivers.

Diamond, a direct motor insurer specialising in car insurance for women, surveyed its female customers to find out how they prefer to deal with their insurers.

The results show that a quarter of 17-24 year olds are buying their insurance via the Internet. Buying on-line is also more popular with 25-34 year olds, as only 3% of this age group stated they prefer to arrange their insurance over the counter with a broker, compared to 18% who choose to buy on the Internet.

Diamond also surveyed its customers to see if gender differences are important when it comes to arranging car insurance. Overall, 88% of those interviewed said they don't mind speaking to male or females. However, women surveyed in the 45-54 age group are four times more likely than 17-24 year olds to want to speak to a woman. While almost half of women over the age of 55 prefer to speak to a man about car insurance. 60% of this age group also prefer to buy their insurance face to face rather than over the telephone or via the Internet.

Sian Lewis, managing director at Diamond, said, "It's interesting to see that it's our older customers who prefer to only deal with men. Maybe it's because older generations are used to their husbands dealing with issues like car insurance. Younger women today are definitely shattering these traditional moulds and use services which fit conveniently into busy lifestyles, like the telephone and Internet."

Table A

Age group Prefer speaking to men Prefer speaking to women No preference
17-24 2% 8% 90%
25-34 1% 10% 89%
35-44 0% 8% 92%
45-54 0% 33% 67%
55+ 40% 0% 60%
Overall 2% 10% 88%

Table B

Age group Prefer Internet Prefer telephone Prefer face to face
17-24 24% 75% 1%
25-34 18% 78% 3%
35-44 27% 73% 0%
45-54 7% 80% 13%
55+ 0% 40% 60%
Overall 21% 75% 4%

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