In Theory, women are better drivers than men


A new survey reveals that while most men and women pass their driving test at 17, that's where the similarities between them end. While men are better at the driving part of the test, women are better at the theory part.

Diamond, a direct insurer specialising in car insurance for women, surveyed over 800 women and discovered that men are 33% more likely to pass their driving test first time than women, but women are 42% more likely to pass the driving theory test at the first attempt.

Diamond's research found that 60% of men passed their practical driving test first time, compared to 45% of women. However, 35% of women had passed the theory test first time, compared to 20% of men.

Ceri Assiratti, acting managing director at Diamond, said, The UK's chief driving examiner, Robin Cummins, recently said that men learn to drive quicker than women and are better at driving manoeuvres. However, our results show that women have a better understanding of the Highway Code."

Diamond also surveyed motorists about the first car they drove after passing their test. They discovered that the Ford Fiesta is the favourite car for new women motorists, but men prefer the Ford Escort.

Table 1. Motorists first cars.

  Top 5 women's first cars Top 5 men's first cars
1 Ford Fiesta Ford Escort
2 Mini Ford Fiesta
3 Ford Escort Mini
4 Rover Metro Vauxhall Astra
5 Nissan Micra Ford Anglia

The survey also showed that men are more likely to own their first car, while women are more likely to drive their parents or partners car first.

Ceri Assiratti, continued, "Our survey certainly shows the diversity between men and women motorists. Men tend to think of themselves as the better drivers, but once again we've shown that this is not necessarily the case."

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