Don't bet on a vet to get home safely


Women drivers across the UK occupy a wide assortment of jobs, but does the job you have reflect how good a driver you are? Diamond has discovered that Vets have one of the worst driving records amongst women, while Insurance Brokers have one of the best.

Women's car insurance specialist, Diamond, compiled the list from its database of 270,000 female customers. They looked at the percentage of women drivers with a motoring conviction and the percentage of women drivers who have had an accident. The occupations with the highest percentage on both counts were declared the worst.

Vets have one of the worst driving records for any occupation, in fact 13% of the Vets on Diamond's records have a motoring conviction and a huge 28% have been involved in an accident. This compares to an average of 8% of motorists who have a driving conviction and 11% who have been involved in an accident. In second place are Hospital Doctors; 12% have a motoring conviction and 17% have had an accident. In third place are Company Directors followed by Dentists in fourth and Financial Advisers in fifth.

Sian Lewis, Diamond's Managing Director, said, "Many Vets work in the countryside and so spend a lot of their time driving on country roads. As statistically these are more dangerous than main roads, this could definitely have an impact on their driving records. Hospital Doctors and Company Directors have highly stressful jobs and so the standard of their driving might not always be at the forefront of their minds."

Insurance Brokers lead the way for the top five safest female drivers, 3% of them have been involved in an accident, and 3% have motoring convictions. Nurses follow in second place with 4% having had an accident and 5% having motoring convictions. Ambulance Crew are third best, with Factory Workers in fourth place and Supermarket Cashiers in fifth.

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