Men drive women mad


A new survey has revealed that while two thirds of women drivers believe they do not have any irritating driving habits, most of them find male drivers very annoying.

Diamond, a direct motor insurer specialising in car insurance for women surveyed a sample of its 200,000 customers to find out what irritates them most about male passengers and other road users.

  • 54% of women feel the most irritating thing about having a man as a passenger is when they criticise their driving;

  • 30% are irritated by men who change the radio station; and

  • 25% are annoyed by men who try to give directions.

Nicole Joyce managing director of Diamond, said, "I completely agree with the results of this survey, some men just can't seem to stop themselves from criticising our driving. It's very annoying when you are trying to concentrate on getting from A to B and there is nothing wrong with your driving."

Two of the most dangerous habits men have, which women found annoying are, tailgating, with 55% of women agreeing with this and speeding. 28% found this an irritating habit of male motorists.

For those women who actually admitted to having annoying driving habits, 25% agreed they were short tempered and 16% said they break the speed limit.

Nicole Joyce managing director of Diamond said, "Fewer numbers of women speed than men, you only have to look at the speeding conviction figures for men and women to see this. 4.8% of women have a speeding conviction compared to 8.5% of men, almost double!* Figures like these should hopefully stop men criticising our driving so much."

Top Irritating Male Passenger Habits

Criticism 54%
Changing Music 30%
Directions 25%
Shouting 16%
Nose Picking 11%
Belching/Passing Wind 9%

Top Irritating Male Road User Habits

Tailgating 55%
No courtesy 28%
Speeding 28%
Shouting 22%
Ignoring Lights 11%
Beeping Horn 9%

(* Figures based on research of 700,000 UK motorists)

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