Forget nightclubs, the car is the place to pull


With love in the air in the run up to Valentine's Day, new research by Diamond suggests that there's no need to get glammed up for a night out in a bar or nightclub, as over half of women and three quarters of men say they would consider exchanging phone numbers with a complete stranger whilst stationary in traffic.

Diamond surveyed over 400 drivers about their flirting habits, and found that:

  • 81 per cent of women and 73 per cent of men claimed to have been the target of another motorist's flirting on the open road,

  • A further 26 per cent of women and 30 per cent of men admitted flirting with other motorists every day,

  • While 26 per cent of women and 23 per cent of men admitted flirting roughly once a week whilst driving.

Diamond managing director, Sian Lewis, commented, "These figures seem to show that if you're after a new partner, it's worth making an effort with your appearance every time you step into the car!"

But on a cautionary note, serial flirting could lead to accidents according to the survey. A staggering 20 per cent of men and 8 per cent of women admitted they had been involved in a minor accident as a direct result of flirting on the road.

Sian Lewis continued, "Flirting is fun, but in the right time and place. Drivers need to concentrate on what is ahead in the road rather than how attractive they find the other motorists. I am not surprised that flirting has led to a few bumps between cars."

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