Mum's the word for 4x4s


New research by women's insurer Diamond shows a huge increase in the number of women and mothers driving 4x4s over the last six years, with the Landrover Freelander, Toyota Rav-4 and Suzuki Vitara the most popular.

Diamond looked at over 500,000 women motorists across the UK to see how the number of them, both with and without children, driving 4x4s has changed in recent years. Women without children are now 27% more likely to drive a 4x4 than they were in 1999. While, women motorists with children are now 90% more likely to drive a 4x4 than in 1999.

Commenting on these findings, Diamond managing director, Sian Lewis, said, "There's been a noticeable increase in the number of women driving 4x4s, and it doesn't surprise me that the increase has been greater amongst women with children. 4x4s are seen as a practical way in which to ferry children around due to their size. They can easily accommodate plenty of children and all the paraphernalia they attract!"

Diamond also looked at which four wheel drive models are most popular with women. The most popular model is the Landrover Freelander, followed by the Toyota Rav-4 and the Suzuki Vitara. Sian Lewis commented, "It's interesting that the three most popular 4x4 models are all at the smaller end of the 4x4 size scale. It would suggest that women are less interested in the size of the car they drive and more concerned with practicality."

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