Flirting fellas fail to keep their eyes on the road


  • 41% of motorists admit to flirting while driving
  • 15% have crashed or had a near miss because they were distracted by someone they fancy
  • 63% of men would be more courteous to attractive motorists
  • 26% of men believe a car can make them more attractive to women
  • 6% of men chose their car to attract women

The UK has been revealed as a nation of in-car flirts with many motorists admitting they flirt with other drivers on the road - and men are the biggest culprits.

A nationwide survey by women's car insurance specialist, Diamond has revealed two-fifths of British motorists flirt with other drivers and 15% have crashed their car or had a near miss after being distracted by someone they fancy.

Diamond quizzed 3,000 people and found almost half of men and over a third of women admit to flirting with other motorists. But the male of the species is the most guilty of flirtatious behaviour, with three times as many men than women admitting they flirt with other drivers on a daily basis.

A smile or cheeky glance were the most popular ways to flirt whilst driving, however, the survey also revealed many drivers aren't averse to a wink, a wave or even beeping their horn.

Men are more likely to beep their horn at people they fancy, whereas women are more likely to give the object of their attraction a smile.

Diamond managing director, Elwyn Gedrych said, “Flirting with other motorists certainly seems to be popular and men in particular seem well versed at it.

“We spend so much of our time driving, perhaps many of us have started to see our cars as an extension of our social lives. Most of us are used to flirting in clubs and bars, so why not in our cars as well?

“However, in-car flirting isn't risk free and it can be a distraction. Drivers need to be mindful not to let the handsome man or pretty woman in the car next to them take their mind off the road ahead.”

The research also revealed far more men (63%) than women (42%) would behave more courteously to another motorist if they found them attractive. Also, three times as many men than women have actually crashed their car because they've been distracted by a good looking member of the opposite gender.

Regionally, motorists in Wales are the biggest in-car flirts and motorists in East Anglia are the most likely to beep their horn at someone they fancy. On the other hand, it's drivers in the West Midlands who have had the most crashes as a result of being distracted by someone attractive.

Twice as many men than women said they use their car to attract the opposite gender. One-fifth of men think a car can help attract another person and 6% even admitted that was why they chose their car.

26% of men believe the car they drive can make them more attractive, but only 18% of women agree. However, almost as many women as men find someone more attractive if they drive a nice car.

Elwyn Gedrych continues, “It's clear our cars aren't just a way to get from A to B and for a lot of us they even seem to be another ingredient in our recipe of pulling techniques!“

How do the regions compare?

Most likely to flirt with other drivers

Most crashes as a result of looking of being distracted by someone attractive

1. Wales

1. West Midlands

2. East Midlands

2. East Anglia

3. North West

3. Northern Ireland

4. London

4. North West

5. West Midlands

5. South West

6. South West

6. East Midlands

7. North East

7. London

8. Yorkshire & the Humber

8. North East

9. South East

9. South East

10. Scotland

10. Yorkshire & the Humber

11. Northern Ireland

11. Wales

12. East Anglia

12. Scotland

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